Communication Matters

Poor communication has gotten me confused with a communication service. While it may be a waste of my time and bandwidth, I do try to redirect people to their intended destination—after all, I don’t enjoy having ill-will directed my way, even if it’s inadvertent.

If you’re one of the many looking for Straight Talk, take solace in knowing you aren’t alone. Here’s a sampling of a few of the messages I’ve received over the years:

Feb 2010

How come myspace on strait talk isn't working?
Hi, you want, not

May 2010

Was not able to use this site to activate my phone. Why when your phone service says it will be quick and easy?
Hi, you want, not

July 2010

i am with strait talk and it is a joke
Hi, you want, not

June 2011

Where on can you activate your phone?  Not off to a very good start :(
Hi, you want, not

July 2012

How do I review my account on line? I went to but see no way to logon to an account or update my information.
Hi, you want, not

August 2013

Is this your way of running a buisness ?
Hi, you want, not

October 2014

This website is pointless
Hi, you want, not


Some are highly amusing.

Laughing till tears leak out of my eyes.....Your commercial that consumer can save enough money for a horse for their little girl, and that the horse would fertilize their yard. That is too too too funny. 
When the neighbor's horse "did it's thing" in our yard, each place where there was a dung pile we had weeds and stickers that took two years to get rid of! I would NEVER use horse s**t to fertilize my yard.
Your ad agency needs to do more research.....Just sayin'
Makes me wonder if I want to use your product.
Funny! You want, not


And some make one want to beat one's head against the wall.

I was wondering if I can keep my number that I have with my current cell phone? and can I call international and just use my minutes? please let me know
Hi, you want, not

you did not answer my question can i use my current phone number
You didn’t read my message. You need

can I make international calls from a strait talk phone
You didn't read my message. You need

I did read your message I would like to know if i can make international calls from a strait talk phone

It seems homophones can lead to all sorts of fun. For a real adventure, read Howard L. Chace's Anguish Languish homophonic translations!